Significance of Single Screen Data Importing

Significance of Single Screen Data Importing

Importing of Data

The most important aspect of data management while switching from one system to another is data imports. Whether you're importing data in the system for the first time or updating and changing a system that already has data, it is critical to make sure it's done most effectively and conveniently.
In payroll processing, data importing is critical as well as essential while migrating to new payroll management software. Ease your payroll team’s manual efforts while onboarding new contractors. Onboard new starters in bulk through import to start processing payrolls efficiently in just a few clicks!

Data Importing Template - How It Works

Importing data is now easy with our smart importing template, where you can select the data columns required to import your data in bulk. Also, the system will remember your data format for the next time you do the same import.
You can also import bulk data by dragging and dropping spreadsheets or CSV files in the upload section. When data is uploaded, the system performs basic checks to ensure that data is clear and ready to process.
The most important thing is that this software is adaptable and quick, which you really expect from a data importing tool.

Significance of Single Screen Data Importing Screen
Single Screen Data Importing with Brain Payroll

The best part of data importing with Brain Payroll is all the data importing can be done on a single screen. As a bureau or accounting firm, you can import multiple company data as well as their respective employee data along with their payroll details, all visible on a single screen.

Importing Company

Data importing in bulk for multiple companies is now possible with a simple and quick process. As a bureau or accountancy firm, import your multiple company list through data importing. It's now easy and fast to process payroll with a single click for multiple employers.

Importing Employees

Employee data importing within multiple companies is now smooth and fast with data importing and can be managed with a single screen. The most efficient data importing experience with Brain Payroll is when you're able to drag and drop files directly into the system for quick and simple uploading of all employee's data.

Importing Payroll Data

Single click payroll processing is possible with bulk data importing for multiple clients having the same pay period. The data import template of Brain Payroll is flexible and dynamic to import both company data with employees and time-sheets records in seconds.

Importing Time-Sheets Data

Import and process the timesheets of the clients from spreadsheets within seconds. It's now easy to maintain multiple client data with dynamic time-sheets data on a single screen!

Data Importing for Existing Payroll

If your data is already created and you're looking to switch to a more efficient software, it's the best way to import all the data from your existing payroll management system in a one-click process. Our data importing template includes all the possible options to map out our system fields to yours easily.

Don't worry! If you make a mistake…

We're with you all the way. There's a nice "Undo" button
Each time you import data, the software records every import as a unique import. If you find out that one of your many imports has incorrect data, simply hit the ‘Undo' button next to the import list, and the import will be deleted. You can import the correct file or data without any hassle!
If you still have queries in importing data, get in touch with Brain Payroll's customer support team to know in detail about single-screen data importing.

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