Improving efficiency through seamless system integrations and advanced automation

A London-based leading service provider of managed payroll & pension services had difficulties with the large payroll processing volume. Their existing software required a lot of manual intervention, which resulted in compromised service to their clients.

Hence, the client wanted advanced payroll software that can handle the volume and complexity of their payroll business. Also, there was a need for advanced automation with third-party integrations to scale with their future growth easily.

Brain Payroll has enabled the client to take on a new payroll business which was not feasible with old software. Our software has resulted in 40% increased efficiency. Further, the software has prevented many payroll compliance errors, resulting in better service to clients and avoidance of potential HMRC fines.

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Automations & Third-party Integrations
  • Year-End Process Improvement
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