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About Us

Inspired By You… Innovated For You

“You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business”
Extremely inspired by Zig Ziglar’s famous quote, Nachiket Shah, our Founder, initiated Brain Payroll to realise his version of Ziglar’s theory that highlights the fact -‘As each and every business in the world is run by the people and people work for growth, development, the better you manage the people the better they manage your business‘.


It all started in 2013-14 with an assignment that focused on improving the performance of a Payroll Software developed by an established Payroll Software Solution Provider in the UK. It was only while working on it that we got to know about the slow processing, extended working hours, increasing stress and rising overheads that created an unproductive environment hampering the growth of the company as well as the payroll managers.


Driven by the thought of managing the people in the best possible way in order to maintain a positive, productive and a growth-oriented business environment, the existing concerns motivated us to develop an innovative payroll software. A software that perfectly addresses the existing issues and also sets a benchmark by performing a lot more complicated tasks with ease, processing multiple company payrolls at unimaginable speed with high accuracy and much more.
A quick development plan followed by even quicker action helps us turn the idea of ‘Brain Payroll’ into reality. Brain Payroll received it’s HMRC recognition in March 2017 leading to the birth of Brain Payroll UK Limited in 2018.

Our ‘People’ oriented approach has helped Brain Payroll to win the trust of many Accountantancy Firms and Payroll Bureaus with just one year of its introduction. It’s growing popularity has enabled Brain Payroll to process Circa 1 Million+ Payslips in a very short time and has also helped us achieve our objective of ensuring a complete peace of mind to the people processing the payrolls as well as the people receiving their paychecks.

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