Brain Payroll has been tested by HMRC, and has received full recognition. As evidence, you can find Brain Payroll recorded on the HMRC payroll software listings.

It takes few minutes to sign up. You can go through following steps to sign up in Brain Payroll-
  • Visit our website http://brainpayroll.co.uk
  • Fill up the information in Let’s Get in Touch column and request an invite code. You’ll receive the code via Email address you provided.
  • Visit https://beta.brainpayroll.co.uk and create an account
  • Fill up the information’s mentioned under create an account, which comprises of Account Name, Registration number, UTR, Title, Forename, Surname, Email, Contact Number, Username, Password and invite code you received.
  • Submit the information.
  • Click on the link received in Email.
Your Brain Payroll account is created for your Payroll tasks.

As Brain Payroll is cloud based online payroll software, hence there is no necessity to set up any extra hardware or software on your computer.

A cloud based online software that provides intuitive and comprehensive solutions integrated with impeccable management of employee’s payroll processing on real time basis.

You can download the reports for any accounts year in PDF file or Excel file, as desired. You can export all sorts of records, including Company, Employee, Reports etc.

Yes. From 6th April 2013, employers must report their payroll information to HMRC in real time, on every pay date. Brain Payroll transparently and automatically sends your FPS by selecting send FPS. This process is seamlessly integrated into the system and you are notified of success or failure for each submission. In addition, Brain payroll also sends EPS submission each tax month.

Yes. Brain Payroll allows you to appoint and remove any current employee as director. You’ll then have the option to specify the appropriate NICs calculation method.

Yes. Brain Payroll has NEST, SMART PENSION, PEOPLE’s PENSION and NOW PENSION support set up.

Brain payroll supports all UK and Scottish Attachment of Earnings orders. Deductions based on any attachments of earnings you enter for an employee are automatically calculated and entered on their payslip after processing payroll for any frequency.

No. You’ll never have to setup or upgrade your software from year-to-year in order to stay updated with current HMRC requirements or adjust rates and bands. As soon as the rates are published, we update it in Brain Payroll and it is immediately available to you.

Currently, Brain payroll caters for weekly, monthly, fortnightly, 4-weekly pay cycles. You can have range of employees who are paid at different frequencies in the same company.

For best resolution switch to HD resolutions or try Ctrl and (-) key to reduce window size which will help in viewing a better UI.

You need to have the correct data available through starters declaration form. however, Brain Payroll can also handle the opening balances of total pay till date and total tax paid till date, attachment of earnings opening balances. Because of this there may be a little extra data entry to set up an employee correctly mid-year, Brain payroll caters completely for this scenario.

Brain Payroll supports a wide range of BACS file formats that you can download and feed in to your banking software. If you do not find the right format for your bank, please let us know.

Brain Payroll is a high versatile software accessible on any PC. It entirely runs on Web browser and no data gets saved on your personal computer.

Yes. You can transfer bulk data into Brain Payroll using FPS import method for all the previous record recoveries. You can also import data from CSV files.

There are 5 types of classification in which you can distinguish your employee • Branch • Department • Shift • Classification • Job Role

Yes. Under employee’s field there is an option to add documents

Yes. You can submit payslips, FPS, EPS in bulk for multiple employees and multiple company in a single click.

Yes. Employees can access their personal data through their employee portal. The portal shall work on computers as well as mobile.

Best compatible and tested with Chrome browser.

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