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New Starter Onboarding

  • Reduce your payroll team’s manual efforts and errors while onboarding new contractors
  • Enhanced starter onboarding feature to
  • Onboard new starters in bulk through import

National Minimal Wage Warnings

  • Age bracket based automatic calculation of national minimum wage for employees.
  • Daily rates are automatically transformed to an hourly rate and compared against the national minimum wage requirement.
  • Warnings are published when an NMW or NLW legislation is bypassed while processing the payroll.

Flexible Fees

Multiple Margin Deduction Options

  • Fixed Fee Slab Bill flat fee by defining fee slabs and based on timesheet value. Example: £3 for a range up to £200; £7 up to £600 and £10 above £600
  • Period Based Fixed Fee Charge fix fee per tax week/month
  • % Fee Slab Charge fees based on the % slabs defined on the timesheet value. Example: 5% for up £200 and 2% up to £600, 1% above £
  • % on Overall Timesheet Charge fees by applying % on the gross timesheet value.
  • Fixed Fee Per Timesheet Bill a flat fee per timesheet submitted by the contractor.
  • Fee For Working HoursCharge fee based on the working hours of the contractor.

Dynamic Integration Support for Accounting: You can swiftly integrate with any of your 3rd party accounting software via advanced general ledger feature to manage journals.

Seamless Timesheet Processing

From recording contractor time-sheets to batch processing them, payroll processing can be performed efficiently, irrespective of volume or complexity

  • Set up Dynamic Payment Rates Configure standard hourly/daily/weekly rates required as per contract.
  • Define Multiple Timesheets Per Period Dynamicity to configure multiple timesheets per week across different agencies.
  • Bulk Import Timesheet Templates Import and process timesheets of the contractors from spreadsheets within seconds. Umbrella company/contractors can bookmark their time-sheet mapping for faster submission.
  • Configurable Time-sheet Approval Flow Payroll Managers or team leaders can design agency wise time-sheet approval flows for efficient management and validation
  • Time-sheet Submission Through Self-Service PortalContractors can submit their timesheets online from their portal, eliminating paper timesheets, and saving time that is utilized in manual entry in excel. Payroll Managers can view live reporting and clocked timings of contractors across all locations.

Integrated Invoice

  • Invoice Per Timesheet A single invoice can be generated per timesheet with the details of the work location, dates worked, etc. printed on the invoice.
  • CONSOLIDATED INVOICE A single invoice for a batch of timesheets can be generated. List of all contractors present in the batch can be printed as additional sheets to the invoice.

Expense Management

  • Ability to set up Expense Groups like Accommodation, Travel, Fees and bind them with accounts
  • Worker can put in expenses through self-service portal and can send them to agency for admin approvals
  • Ability to attach expense receipts to each claim
  • Agency can process worker expenses by approving or rejecting them
  • Mileage rates are automatically calculated as per HMRC guidelines
  • Ability to segregate VAT & Non-VAT expenses

Integrated HR, Rota, Time & Attendance

  • Access to contractor and agency mobile apps or cloud web portal
  • Rota/Shifts management for admin
  • Access to calendar views, leave management, worker shift management, location-based worker presence, interactive admin interface and many more features
  • Contractors can self-serve attendance and time-sheet submissions
  • Client Portal for time-sheet approval
  • Efficient HR management - Apply, approve or reject employee leaves
  • Powerful Task Manager - Assign tasks to a user and track the status of the task

Interactive Payslips

Contractors can get an exclusive access to the smart and interactive payslips. Helps a worker to

  • View the breakdown of the timesheets and expenses online.
  • Analyse the entire earnings (as a single figure or split), expense, holiday pay, and hence can reduce the worker support queries related to pay.
  • Gets an interactive and colorful view of each pay element
  • Holiday pay calculator based on the individual contracts of worker

Auto Enrolment Ready

  • Supports Smart Pension, NEST, Pension Now, and People’s pension.
  • Set-up pension schemes instantly.
  • Automatically assess and enrol employees.
  • Automatically calculate and send pension contributions to various pension schemes.
  • Send pension communication letters in bulk.
  • CSV file upload options.
  • Import bulk enrolments.
  • Send online pension contribution.

Holiday Pay Automation

  • Automates the complicated manual holiday pay process for accrual, requests, and payments
  • Statutory holiday pay is automatically calculated (considering NMW) and can be paid to the contractor per period based on the configured holiday payment policy
  • Holiday Pay Ledger for each contractor, to keep a track
  • Alerts are triggered (if configured) if holiday payment is more than the accruals

Statutory Automation

  • Automatically calculate Tax, NI, Student Loan Deductions, AEO, Holiday pay, Statutory pay.
  • Supports SSP, SMP, SAP, SPP & ShPP calculations.
  • Supports all AEO Deductions.
  • Add unlimited blocks for Shared Parenting Leave

Complete HMRC & RTI Reporting

Access the simple and flexible reporting potential to HRMC including RTI, FPS, and EPS. With a single click on button, you can submit and resubmit* your payroll reports to HMRC via connected APIs.

  • Send FPS, EPS, Corrective FPS, EPS, and EYU in bulk for multiple companies
  • P30 Employer’s Payslip
  • P32 Employer payment record
  • Supports Employment Allowance Claim
  • Supports small Employer’s Relief
  • Track HMRC submissions on a monthly and quarterly basis

Bulk Messaging & Email

  • Agency can send payslips to contractors in bulk
  • Agency can message or email invoices and other important reports to the clients from the portal itself
  • Saves time of payroll processors and thus increases productivity

Bulk Import Functionality

  • Process Payroll for multiple employers in a single click
  • Agency Payroll Managers can bulk import the payroll wise time-sheets of contractors
  • Get mandatory alerts and in-turn apply correction in time-sheet before final import
  • Generate BACS in bulk for the processed timesheets
  • Eliminates the repetitive tasks and ensures timely processing of payroll as well as BACS generation

Customized and Informative Reporting

Harness your payrollers with the power of intelligent reports enabling the correct and in-depth information.

  • Create agency/contractor/client-centric customized report packs
  • Enhanced Report scheduler for client reports
  • Bulk reporting tool – supports import and exports of reports

Powerful Document Management

  • Manage and govern all payroll and employment related documents via your web portal
  • Offers quick access of specific records to the stakeholders, clients, and contractors for viewing, printing, or downloading
  • Payroll team can upload documents such as COI, Employment Terms, etc. and attach them to the relevant agency
  • Send documents to multiple employees and keep a track

Seamless Implementation by Automated Migration Tools

  • Automated tools for swiftly migrating your existing payroll data
  • Planned implementation processes, robust deployment strategy and parallel testing runs to make sure data is migrated correctly
  • Organized training sessions enables you to learn and get real-time hands-on with Brain Umbrella

Self-Service Portals for Agencies, Clients and Contractors / White Labelled Portal

Self-service portals are offered to stakeholders for better relationship building, meaningful communication, global access, defining better workflow, and to boost productivity.

  • Contractor/Employee can login to their portal to access their payslips, pension communication letters, and other documents like P45 and P60.
  • Worker can apply for leaves, submit time-sheets and view the balance through the portal.
  • Employer can login to their portal to see the payroll updates
  • Employer can view/approve reports received from the Agency and also send bulk documents to employees.
  • Send pension communication letters in bulk
  • Consultant portal offered for performing recruitment activities.
  • Partner can view their assigned company’s data through the partnerportal login.

Complete White Labeling

  • Enhance your brand identity by resonating your brand at each level, or selling through indirect and affiliate relationships.
  • If your agency or accounting practices doesn’t currently offer payroll service, Brain Umbrella’s white-labeling offering helps to add it to your existing service offerings.
  • We provide you premium support enabling quick query resolution of your clients.

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