Power Packed With Features to Make Your Life Easy

Recruitment Features

Contract Management

  • Defining Companies and Contracts of the Workers along with basic details, dates, hours/days and description
  • Easy Import Contracts Features that allows uploading data in Excel, CSV, PDF, email, attachment & even handwritten formats (OCR Supported).
  • Export Contract Details easily from the system.

Candidate Screening

  • Create Candidate Repository for recruitment ease
  • Allows you to screen candidates by location, job title and many other search filters

Supplier Management

  • Onboard your supplier with their all company details
  • Allows to add the supplier employees
  • Get an in-detailed historical view of supplier bills

Easy Worker Booking (ROTA)

  • Supports worker booking based on demand, cost & availability
  • Smart worker recommendations as per Job title and Compliance requirements
  • Displays worker availability to avoid any double booking and creates complete roster of workers
  • Sends email & text notification with placement details to worker once theroster is created

Multiple Timesheet Capture Methods

  • Instant Worker onboarding and offboarding through online portal and app
  • Contractor can log-in and log-out using KIOSK or worker mobile app
  • Supports Timesheet submission, editing and approval functions
  • Facility for Admin to edit or add manual punches and can edit worker details
  • Timesheets can be batch imported and exported
  • Contractors can raise their expenses through self-service portal or app.

Dynamic Approval Management

  • Agency or Company can set up internal timesheet approval flow based on the requirement
  • Dynamic check for enabling/disabling the Proforma Invoice generation and approvals
  • Supports client timesheet and invoice approvals

OCR Functionality

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system to support paper timesheet management
  • Send blank time-sheets to candidates and they fill in the hours, get them signed from clients and send to you
  • Upload the timesheet into the system and it does the review and approval for you.

Placement Management

  • Create easy and quick placements for your clients as per the contract
  • Track your placements and their availability for taking up new assignments
  • Filter your placements as per client, location, shifts, contact, consultant etc.

AWR Compliance & Rate Management

  • Configure Pay & Charge rate as per the contract with the client and worker.
  • Override of Pay & Charge rate at any time to perform payroll adjustments.
  • Automatically amends rate as per AWR when the worker completes 12 weeks of service length.


  • Supports Proforma Invoice generation and approval
  • Facility of adjoining P.O details to the invoices raised
  • Timesheets matched electronically to invoices
  • Raise Invoices with a click on button
  • Send all of your invoices out at the same time. You can also email multiple invoices, including overdue ones, to a single client at once


  • Allows to generate draft bill and send for suppliers for approval
  • Send final bill to the suppliers with a click of button

Integrated Payroll

  • Full Payroll support for PAYE, CIS, Umbrella and IR35 Inside & Outside Status
  • Processes payroll with a click of a button and the system automatically calculates payroll, generates client invoices and supplier bills.
  • Automatic BACS generation and sent to payment processor for review and approval
  • Releasing Payslips to the workers and sending RTI to the HMRC

Agency Journal

  • Easy integration with your accounting systems, so you have everything in one place.
  • Easy and quick export of data for accounting system update.

Automated Holiday Pay

  • Automatically calculates Holiday Pay for a worker
  • Enables overriding Holiday rate at client or worker level.
  • Support AWR holiday pay rate.

Insightful Reporting

  • Create customized reports for your clients
  • Automatically email reports to clients and other stakeholders.
  • Issue trail run reports for client review and approval
  • Create Margin reports based on consultants, clients, locations etc.

Pension Management

  • Supports employee assessment for auto-enrolment i.e. Eligible, Not Eligible and Exempt
  • Supports different pension calculation methods i.e. Relief At Source, Net Pay Arrangement or Customize
  • Re-enrolment assessment after every 3 years
  • Allows overriding pension percentage at worker or client level

Interactive Dashboards

  • Allows analysis of the margins based on clients, consultants, locations, placement etc.
  • Supports strategic decision making to improve your bottom-line.
  • Provides live information about the payroll process at each stage to the clients and other stakeholders.

White Label Solution

  • Strengthen your brand visibility with our complete white-label service offering and add a new payroll service chain to your current business practice.

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