A Payroll Software for Recruitment Agencies. Designed to Improve Your Productivity by a minimum 30%.

Recruitment Payroll Software

Compliance, Timesheets, Payroll, Invoicing, Billing
Brain Recruitment reduces count of 3rd party systems your agency uses for managing clients,
making your payroll processes optimized and connected.

Payroll Software For Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Payroll Software

Single Platform. Multiple Benefits.

Payroll System For Recruitment Agency
1. Save fines and salvage brand reputation.

Not adhering to compliances can lead to damage to both your clients and yourself. We are the early adopters of any new legislation and offer our clients the ease to stay compliant and deliver an exceptional service to their customers. read more

2. Increase Efficiency. Reduce Manual errors

Payroll processing is error prone but with our automated processes you can reduce manual errors and enhance your service quality due to error-free payroll processing read more

Payroll System For Recruitment Agencies
3. Make insightful decisions

Our real-time reporting feature transforms your raw data into actionable insights in a few clicks and allows management to take well-informed decisions read more

4. Improve operational efficiency.

Enjoy access to integrated HR, ROTA, Time & Attendance, Invoicing, Billing, Document Management, and Expenses modules under a single system. This helps to remove the redundancy of tasks and provide a boost to your team’s efficiency. read more

Recruitment Payroll Software
5. Designed to match your need for speed

Our bulk features and smart automation make your processing fast, accurate, and hassle-free. We offer speed at each level of your payroll to get you what you want read more

6. Real time communication and seamless collaboration

Our self-service portal is designed to provide a single platform to all your clients and workers for better communication and facilitates effective collaboration read more

Recruitment Payroll System
7. Ready to support your growth

With Brain Pay & Bill you don’t need to worry about managing the complexity of a growing agency. Our high-level functionality and the bulk processing feature can allow any agency to expand its operations with ease. read more

8. Innovative migration tools ensure quick on-boarding

We understand a sleek migration experience from your legacy system is equally important as swift and error-free payroll processing. We have built innovative migration tools for supporting bulk migrations and accelerates client on-boarding. read more

Recruitment Payroll Software
Stakeholders Benefits

Top Recruitment Payroll Software

Brain Pay & Bill is your one-stop solution to pay workers, invoice clients, manage timesheets, create placements, and update your accounting system. You can now eliminate the stress that your internal team might be going through during every payroll period by providing them the right tool to perform their roles. They no longer need to work on multiple systems, this increases their efficiency, saves time, and boost productivity. Being compliant, Brain Pay & Bill is also loaded with smart automation that helps timely payroll processing with increased accuracy and you free up yourself to focus on business growth. Our interactive dashboards get you the required data at your fingertips and support strategic decision making.

Top Recruitment Payroll System

Brain Pay & Bill provides easy and quick access to your clients to review and approve timesheets which supports timely processing of payrolls. With our robust reporting feature, clients can view the current status of their payroll and understand their periodic spending. It also becomes easy for them to view and download current and historical invoices and see everything is paid on time.

Payroll Software For Recruitment Agency

You can now give access to your workers to fill and submit electronic timesheets, download current and historical payslips, and submit important compliance documents. A worker can also view their holiday balance and interactive payslips to give them a clear understanding of their payment break up which ultimately helps to reduce support queries to the agency.

Payroll Software For Recruitment Agencies

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