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In an effort to offer additional value, we've searched long and hard for an auto enrolment partner. In AEclipse, we've found a reputable company that share our vision - simple but reliable software that makes running your business easier. AEclipse have built a secure portal that automates auto enrolment processes. Their use of API technology ensures they can streamline the filing process with any Pension Provider, meaning regardless of who you need to file your contributions with, AEclipse can take the manual hassle out of the process.

The Brain Payroll collaboration with AEclipse is an excellent opportunity for our customers to take advantage of our deep understanding of the payroll and auto enrolment landscape. We're recommending AEclipse so that our customers can follow up their smooth experience using the Brain software with an equally enjoyable, safe and affordable equivalent when it comes to carrying out their auto enrolment responsibilities.

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