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A payroll Bureau Software crafted for you to minimise processing time and increase efficiency by minimum 30%.

How Brain Payroll Makes Bureaus & Accounting
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Maximise Your Efficiency With Brain Payroll

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Shuffle Less… Accomplish More

Forget the shuffling between individual company accounts while processing payrolls for multiple companies.read more

Minimum Efforts… Maximum Accuracy

Get complete freedom from manually processing each and every bit of your payroll data.read more

Our Software… Your Label

Ensuring a completely tailored payroll solution, Brain Payroll’s White Label Program gives you an exclusively customised payroll platform that reflects your brand...read more

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Dashboard… Made To Make A Difference

View each and every information you need to process your payroll with ultimate ease at just one glance with Brain Payroll’s thoughtfully designed interactive dashboard. read more

One Click… Multiple Payrolls

Monthly, weekly or hourly, create payroll groups of multiple companies according to their payroll frequencies and process the payrolls in just a few clicks. read more

Maximum Mobility… Maximum Safety

Calculate, analyse and process your payrolls from everywhere you go with Brain Payroll’s Cloud-Based Infrastructure. read more

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Good Bye Manual Entries.. Hello Auto Enrolment

Save important time and efforts spent on manual employee enrolment with Brain Payroll’s Automated Enrollment function...read more

100% Compliance… 0% Stress

Brain Payroll’s real-time reporting helps you maintain total compliance byautomatically creating all the mandatory submissions...read more

The Right Way Of Reporting

Brain Payroll’s flexible and customised reporting system enables you to automate your routine task of manually preparing the reports for multiple companies... read more

Accounting Management Software is for?

A Specialist Payroll Software Exclusively Crafted Considering The Unique Requirements Of;

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Payroll Software for Accounting Firms

As an accountancy firm, processing timely and accurate payroll for your clients is your top priority. So, Brain Payroll offers you an extremely easy, fast and automated payroll processing solution that enables you to save time, increase your productivity and grow your business.

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Payroll Bureaus

Managing the payrolls for multiple companies definitely makes extremely important for a payroll bureau to have an exceptionally organised, intuitive and innovative software. Designed to deliver a perfect payroll solution, Brain Payroll’s ‘Single Screen Management’, ‘Auto Enrolment’ and ‘Cloud-Based Infrastructure’ allows you to efficiently manage your payroll process from anywhere in the world with a few clicks on your computer or a few taps on your smartphone.

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Umbrella Service Providers

Managing a number of contractors, an Umbrella Service Provider needs to manage a lot of data and consider the minutest details. Thus, making the calculation extremely intricate. Brain Payroll is exclusively designed with a statistical system that successfully manages and analyses the working hours, varying rates, and various modes of payments that makes payroll processing surprisingly easy for Umbrella Service Providers.

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