Will the Future of Payroll be Hybrid-Working?

Will the Future of Payroll be Hybrid-Working?

Experts believe that the future of work will increasingly involve a blend of traditional in-person work with remote work, thanks to advances in technology. However, other aspects of work may not move as quickly to hybrid mode, such as team collaboration and communication.

With large scale vaccination programs and easing of the lockdown restrictions, there is a growing sense of normalcy in the United Kingdom. What will firms do when it comes to working from home and at the office?

In this blog post, we've examined some trends and predictions and provided some HR administration advice for those in charge.

Trends and Forecasts

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted our work, forcing us to work remotely due to safety and government recommendations

In the last few years, more than a third of individuals in the UK have worked from home occasionally or permanently. According to new data, around 65% of employees would return to work post the pandemic period.

Considering that just 5% of the workforce worked primarily from home before the pandemic, the impact is obvious.

We believe that post-pandemic, remote working will continue to be widely adopted by many organizations because it has now been demonstrated that many occupations do not require an office to function.

However, a mix of office and home working will most likely be the preferred choice in the future.

Recently, one of the biggest organization announced its intention to adopt a flexible working policy that would allow its 22,000 UK workers to split their time between home and the workplace following the pandemic.

How to Get Your Business Ready

Two major factors to consider while selecting an approach for your organization are mentioned below.

(1) Has home working been a success for you?

Consider how remote working has affected your employees' productivity and engagement first. COVID-19 has demonstrated that working from home is viable for various professions, but it doesn't imply that it will or could work for everyone.

(2) What does your staff want?

If you're happy with the success of remote working and want to continue using it, we recommend conducting a poll among your staff and seeing what they desire. For some, being confined was isolating, and they long for a return to the workplace; but for others, the lack of commute and greater flexibility make them want to work from home.

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