Top Four Reasons Employee Self Service Portal

Top Four Reasons Employee Self Service Portal can be an efficiency booster!

Employee Self Service portal (ESS), as the name itself says, allows employees to manage and update their personal information at their ease. It is one of the essential features of Brain Payroll software that supports the effective working of any payroll business.

With the help of the ESS portal, unique login access is given to each employee, using which they can review and update their contact details, the essential documents uploaded by the employers like their payslips, expenses sheet, time-sheet, annual leaves, etc. with authorized permissions. Thus, reducing work pressure by cutting down on tedious administrative work. Let us look at the benefits it offers:

1. Updating personal information
Employees often miss out on updating their details, like any change in residential address, bank details, etc. In such cases, the company holds incorrect data, due to which payroll errors may occur. With the ESS portal, employees can easily access, update and amend their personal information and support the task of payroll processors. This also minimizes the chances of human errors while putting the data into the system.

2. Payslips and other essential documents
A critical document that an employee receives regularly and can prove painful at its loss is a payslip! With the ESS portal, the generation and distribution of payslips become easy for employers and equally simple to access. Employees can directly login to their portal, print or view payslips, and, if required, download. It can also allow you to notify employees about any policy changes or company-wide announcements and thus, stay abreast of any legislative or company-wide changes that may affect them.

3. Holidays / Leave Status and Time Sheet
Can you imagine a situation when it is the pay-day, and you cannot process it due to lack of information or process it wrongly due to an error? This can create a loss of trust in your employees and damage your company’s reputation. With the ESS portal in your payroll software, employees can easily upload their correct timesheets, apply for leaves, check their leave status, etc., and help a payroll administrator process the payroll on time and error-free.
Similarly, this helps employers keep track of sick leaves, annual leaves, holidays, number of hours or days worked by their employees.

4. Expenses Sheet
Any expenses that need to be reimbursed by the employers can be uploaded online for clearances. This gives immediate access to both employers and employees to such documents making it easy to process smoothly.
Cutting it short, software with ESS portal access makes life easy for employees, employers, and, more importantly, payroll staff. With fewer data to be moved back and forth, it eliminates repetition, saves time, increases efficiency, and cuts operational costs. They are giving space for your business to focus on new progressive opportunities to grow.

Brain Payroll is one such uniquely developed software that supports the ESS portal. Take a tour today to experience the difference!

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