The Most Important Trends in HR & Payroll for 2022

The Most Important Trends in HR & Payroll for 2022

If you're a payroll manager, it's essential to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in HR and payroll. That way, you can ensure that your company is making the most of the latest technologies and processes. So what are the most important trends for this year? Keep reading to find out!In the business world, change is inevitable. In HR and payroll, specific trends are set to take centre stage in 2022. Check out the most important ones.

Hybrid Working - The Future of Payroll & HR

Over the last two years, every HR firm and Payroll company has talked about how hybrid working is the new normal; we're not alone – read our blog here for a detailed look at a hybrid working. What does a full adoption of hybrid working in your company mean?

Payroll Managers To Be Trained
You may need to review your managers' people management skills as hybrid working becomes more prevalent. Employees nowadays are working away from the office or remotely; managers need to be trained to best manage and motivate their teams.
As remote and virtual employees demand additional support, it is vital to upskill your staff on a new way of working with their team and ensure that they are receiving the appropriate assistance and coaching.

Examine Your Technological Framework
How did you adjust to the previous lockdown situations? If you brought your desktop and paper documents home as a solution, it's time to reconsider your technology.
It's inefficient to go back and forth between home and work when utilising outdated technology and tangible papers. Everything should be shifted to the cloud to make seamless, secure transitions feasible.

Ongoing Compliance with Changing Regulations
Compliance is always a challenge for HR and payroll professionals. Regulations are constantly changing, so it's essential to have processes to ensure compliance. In 2022, this is likely to be even more critical, as new regulations are likely to come into effect.
It's therefore crucial that you have a robust compliance management system in place, as well as a team of professionals who are up-to-date on the latest changes. It will help ensure that your company is compliant with all applicable regulations.

Check Your Security Procedures As a payroll manager, it's crucial to ensure that your company's security procedures are up to date. Protect your data from unauthorised access or theft. Some standard security procedures that you may want to update include:

By preparing for these changes, you can ensure that your company is ready for the future of HR and payroll.

Organisations & The Great Resignation

Consider improving your employee value proposition (EVP), which is the value individuals perceive in your business outside of the base salary. The following are some ways to enhance your EVP:

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in the business world, payroll managers need to know its potential implications. In 2022, AI is likely to impact the way businesses operate significantly. Here are a few ways that it could potentially affect payroll and HR:

Automated Processes: AI can automate many processes, including payroll and HR tasks. It can save time and money for your business and improve efficiency.

Predictive Analysis AI can be used to predict employee behaviour and preferences. It can help businesses understand their employees better and make more informed decisions about HR and payroll.

Enhanced Employee Relationship Management: AI can manage employee relationships more effectively.

As a result, HR professionals and payroll managers will have more information to personalise the employee experience.

Employee Health is a Top Priority

The pandemic has impacted individuals largely, with unpredictable lockdowns, isolation, and loneliness significantly influencing mental and physical health. In conclusion, employee happiness is no longer a perk – it's a necessity!
But how can you help your workers live a healthy lifestyle?

Offer More Independence

Giving employees greater freedom in their daily routine can often be beneficial to their health. Workers who work flexible hours are just as productive as regular staff, if not more. As a result, whether your employees have childcare obligations or perform better earlier/later in the day, we recommend that you consider offering flexible hours as well as hybrid working.

Real-time Feedbacks & Appreciations

Naturally, days may be hectic, and employee accomplishments may flash by without receiving any task-specific praise, making it to appraisal meetings. You can use workflows and automation with HR tech to capture real-time feedback, ensuring that the outstanding job your staff do is never forgotten.

Communicate Effectively & Proactively

To effectively communicate with your employees, it is essential to be proactive. It means anticipating potential problems and addressing them before they become an issue. Here are a few tips for communicating effectively with your staff:

Keep Employees Informed: Make sure that you keep your employees informed of all changes and updates.

Be Transparent: Be transparent in your communication and be honest about the company's challenges and opportunities.

Listen to Employees: Listen to what employees have to say and take their feedback into account.

Be Available: Employees working from home may be dealing with many distractions. Be available to answer any questions they may have.

Optimise HR & Payroll Management in 2022

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