Is a Cloud Based Payroll Software The Right Fit For Payroll Bureaus

Is a Cloud Based Payroll Software The Right Fit For Payroll Bureaus

Managing payroll for multiple organizations makes it extremely important for a payroll bureau to have exceptionally organized, intuitive and innovative Payroll Software.

Bureaus choose a cloud based payroll software as it is designed to deliver a perfect solution for all their requirements, making the task of managing payroll much simpler and straightforward. Modern-time cloud-based payroll software allows bureaus to efficiently manage their payroll process from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. This flexibility is the need of the hour in current pandemic times.

Crucial responsibilities of payroll bureaus

The most important task for a payroll bureau is to provide employers with the capability of paying their employees on time and with accuracy. Bureaus offer the most cost-effective solution to process and manage payrolls.

Bulk payroll processing - A bureau is responsible for processing payrolls for multiple employers, including calculating gross wages, tax deductions, managing advance salaries, calculating holiday pay, updating payslips, overtime rates, and much more. They need to process payroll on a large scale for multiple employees according to their pay cycle.

Service support - As far as the employers are concerned, bureaus offer round-the-clock customer support on various important issues pertaining to payroll processing. Bureaus help their clients focus on their core business activities while managing the critical tasks of payroll management.

Sending reports - Bureaus help their clients by sending monthly and quarterly reports which need to be filed with the government authorities for taxation purposes. Bureaus perform many additional tasks that involve timely issuing of P45s to employees who have left the company. Bureaus are also responsible for sending out PAYE data to HMRC to calculate employment taxes

Why is a cloud based payroll solution essential for bureaus?

A cloud based payroll software has become one of the essential business tools, which helps bureaus improve their efficiency and productivity. They look for a software that is explicitly designed for payroll bureaus and has all the features required to manage payroll effectively.

The perfect solution for managing multiple employer payrolls includes an easy-to-use customer portal, automated workflows, integration with tax authorities-HMRC, automatic statutory payments (like PAYE), direct deposits to employees' accounts, business intelligence reporting tools, etc.

Benefits of using a cloud based payroll software:

Bulk payroll processing - A cloud based payroll software can process payroll for multiple companies in a single click and update details in bulk for companies and employees within seconds.

Automated calculation - The software facilitates automatic tax calculation, NI, deductions, AEO, holiday pay, and statutory pay.

Interactive dashboard - The software comes with a built-in dynamic data display along with real-time data access. Bureaus can keep track of the payroll process through its live dashboard.

Easy data access with cloud - Cloud infrastructure allows bureaus to calculate, analyze and process payrolls anywhere, anytime. Cloud based payroll softwares have State-of-the-art firewalls and backup systems to ensure complete security.

Seamless bureau operation - The Software allows bureaus to manage their payroll processing in a hassle free manner. It ensures the employee efficiency is improved in a significant manner.

Real-time reporting - Payroll Software enables bureau managers to send FPS, EPS, Corrective FPS, EPS, and other essential documents in bulk for multiple companies.

Smart alerts - The Software offers alerts and warnings at every stage of payroll processing to ensure the errors are eliminated effectively. It helps bureaus to resolve or delegate the alerts to another user as well.

GDPR compliance - Bureaus can email data through the software to a secured email box, automatically monitored, encrypted, protected, and self-destroyed after processing.

Brain Payroll for bureaus in the UK

Brain Payroll offers a flexible and scalable solution that facilitates seamless communication between bureaus and clients. The growing demand for cloud-based payroll solutions has resulted in more and more organizations adopting Brain Payroll. The Software offers automated payroll processing solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

The need for quality payroll software is evident from the various benefits it provides to payroll bureaus. Apart from these benefits, Brain Payroll software also helps bureaus maintain confidentiality and compliance

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